Thursday! :)

Well its Thursday again which means another post! YAY! Those who play star stable look in my star stable column below! There’s some good news!



I was on Pinterest again…Hee,hee. Here’s a link I found to a really cute craft:

This link should work and if it doesn’t, I apologize.


Star Stable

Well, those of you who play Star Stable, there is some exciting news out there! SOUTH HOOF PENINSULA IS OPEN! ITS CALLING YOUR NAME! YAYAYYAYAY! It has finally come out! Have fun doing the quests!

Well, see you all next Thursday!

-Zoe 😀


Hey guys

Hey guys,

My name is Zoe.  I live in beautiful yet rainy Washington state and I have decided to write a blog to tell about my life, experiences, crafts, and more :). I plan to write  a post every Thursday.

A few days ago I tried a new clothing style….lets just say it didn’t go to well but I learned something that day. That even though people judge you on your clothes you’re still you know matter what. So don’t try to wear cool stuff because you want people to like you but wear stuff that you like.

I saw a cute craft for Fathers Day on Pinterest so here’s the link,

Make sure you check it out 😉

I also play Star Stables so those of you who do my name is Zoe Nightcamp.

Thanks for reading!

-Zoe 😀